Branding is not just about a smart logo or a clever advertising campaign. It’s your company’s personality, it’s the promise you make to your clients - existing and prospective. It needs to be instantly recognizable, whether we’re talking about a business card, a website, a TV commercial or sales DVD, or even the Christmas card.

Certainly advertising/marketing and graphic design is a clear example of branding, but branding is present at every single touch-point; your vehicles, signage, your staff, your reception area, even the way you type your letters. Your choice is to consistently use these things to your advantage, or not.

Confident, clear, strong branding is critical whatever your size and budget. Admittedly a lot of clients have modest budgets – but this only makes it more important to get it right, rather than waste your money with the wrong message or design.

Many years of experience at the high-end of both advertising and graphic design allows me to ensure you get a seamless merging of both disciplines in a way that few can match. Graphic design studios are uncomfortable using brazen advertising-style headlines. Conversely, advertising agencies seldom apply the subtle touch that a good designer will. So, with me at the helm (so to speak), you’ll get one clear voice and a bold single-minded look across everything you do.

Here’s an example: When it comes to websites I will design the site and have web developers build it. In my view, it’s not good business sense to have a web developer design your website, they have great technical skills and knowledge of the web, but branding and communications are not their profession, it’s like having a bricklayer design your home.

Bold Branding seeks to reveal your brand’s personality and make it strong enough to impact in the marketplace, and deliver long-term value for you. Whether you’re an entrepreneurial client requiring a strong solution for a new venture, or an established business needing a refreshed look - Bold Branding will help you attract the right customers, clients, supplier and staff. The type that will stay with you for the longer term, and create a relationship where every body prospers.