There is huge competition in this environment so it is important to maximise the space available for display potential. Headlines, photographs, illustrations and diagrams are all incorporated into a design to communicate the product and services benefits and convey accurate information to gain maximum impact.

With banners and trade show design, the elements need to be concise and bold - so that it stands out from the crowd all vying for the attention of potential clients.

The design can often become part of the trade show stand or even the whole stand. With the help of excellent 3D designers, Bold Branding can design the whole stand from the exterior signage and construction to the interior graphics and displays.

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Chemalert Plus Tradeshow
Fortron Banners
Reflex Stand
Key Petroleum Banners
Chemalert Tradeshow
Key Petroleum Poster
Key Petroleum Banners
BDO Banners
Key Petroleum Banners
Rite Aid
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